Nguyen Van Hop
Ph.D AIT ThaiLand
Research Interests:
- Fuzzy Stochastic Optimization
- E-Supply Chain Management & SCM
- Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Email: nvhop@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.602
Ha Thi Xuan Chi
Ph.D National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Vice Chair
Research Interests:
- Vehicle Routing Problem
- Operations Research
- Multi-Criteria Decision Making
Email: htxchi@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.603
Nguyen Van Chung
Ph.D AIT ThaiLand
Research Interests:
- Production Management
- Work Design & Ergonomics
Email: nvchung@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.605
Do Vinh Truc
M.S AIT ThaiLan
Research Interests:
- Database System
- Meta-Heuristics
- Scheduling
Email: dvtruc@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.603
Pham Huynh Tram
Ph.D in Manufacturing Systems and Technology
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore-MIT Alliance
Research Interests:
- Lean Production
- Quality Management
- Simulation
Email: phtram@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.602
Duong Vo Nhi Anh
M.Eng university of Technology
Research Interests:
- Production Management
- Quality Management Logistics & Supply Chain Management
email: dvnanh@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.602
Phan Nguyen Ky Phuc
PhD, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
Research Interests:
- Artificial Intelligence
- Heuristic Algorithms
- Dynamic Programming
Email: pnkphuc@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.504
Nguyễn Hoàng Huy
M.Sc University of Portsmouth
Research Interests:
- Production Planning Logistics & Supply Chain Management
- Subtainable Supply Chain
Email: nhhuy@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.603
Dao Vu Truong Son, PhD - Lecturer
Research Interests:
- Advanced Imaging Sensors & Systems
- Automated Quality Inspection
- Industrial Automation
Email: dvtson@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.505
Nguyen Thi My Hanh
M.sc, National Central University, Taiwan
Research Interests:
- Revenue Management & Pricing
- Inventory Control and management
- Supply Chain Management
Email: ntmhanh@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.602
Tran Van Ly
M.Eng AIT Thailand
Research Interests:
Operations Management
Email: tvly@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.504
Luu Van Thanh
Master in Industrial Management
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL), Belgium.
Research Interests:
- Production Planning & Operations Management
- Logistics & Supply Chain Design & Management
- Quality Management.
Email: lvthanh@hcmiu.edu.vn
Room: A2.603
Mai Thuỳ Dung
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering & Management
Oklahoma State University, USA
Research interests:
- Game theory;
- Operations management, and Revenue management;
- Supply chain process, and Supply chain coordination;
Email: mtdung@hcmiu.edu.vn