List Thesis 2015

This is a list of undergraduate theses course 2015

Graduation Year Thesis ID Thesis title Student ID Student’s Name Advisor
2015 IE-B15001 Transportation problem: a case study Petec company IEIU09014 Nguyễn Hoàng Anh Dr. Nguyễn Văn Chung
2015 IE-B15002 Optimizing the Production Scheduling for Assembling Production System – Case study: Dong Nai Battery Factory IEIEIU10006 Nguyễn Thị Trúc Quỳnh Meng. Trương Bá Huy
2015 IE-B15003 Solving Multi-Objective vehicle routing Problem by Using Tabu search Algorithm IEIEIU10018 Nguyễn Trọng Nghĩa Dr. Nguyễn Phan Bạch Sử
2015 IE-B15004  Scheduling the Quay Cranes and Dock Assignment in the port. Case study: Cat Lai Newport IEIEIU11007 Nguyễn Hoàng Phương Linh Dr. Hồ Thanh Phong
2015 IE-B15005 Applying a multi-objective model for factory layout planning: a case study in Intel Vietnam IEIEIU11008 Nguyễn Thanh Phong Dr. Hồ Thanh Phong
2015 IE-B15006 Supply Chain Design for the Agriculture products in Vietnam: a case study of sweet potatoes in Vinh Long Province IEIEIU11030 Đỗ Mỹ Hằng Dr. Hồ Thanh Phong
2015 IEIEIU11009 Võ Thành Thu
2015 IE-B15007 Line balancing in garment production – Case study of Butel International (Vietnam) Co., Ltd IEIEIU10023 Truong Thi Quynh An Dr. Nguyen Van Chung
2015 IE-B15008 Multi-objective optimal job-shop scheduling under machine breakdown IEIEIU11031 Dinh Le The Anh Dr. Ho Thanh Phong
2015 IE-B15009 Mixed integer linear programming for course timetabling – A case study in International University – Vietnam National University IEIEIU11014 Phuong Tien Dat Dr. Ho Thanh Phong
2015 IE-B15010 Aggregate production planning in garment industry based on applying DeNovo programming – A case study in Pungkook Saigon III IEIEIU11022 Tran Trung Hieu M.Eng. Nguyen Hoang Minh
2015 IE-B15011 Improvement operations in a seaport using simulation – A case study of Vietnam seaport IEIEIU11013 Do Nguyen Vinh Hanh Dr. Ho Thanh Phong
2015 IE-B15012 IEIEIU11021 Chu Ly Phuoc Thinh Dr. Ho Thanh Phong
2015 IE-B15013 Applying Ergonomics for improving worker’s motion – Case study of Siemens Vietnam IEIEIU10013 Ha Son Lam Dr. Nguyen Van Chung
2015 IE-B15014 Line balancing in textile production – Case study: Pungkook Saigon III IEIEIU11033 Tran Tuan Nam Dr. Nguyen Van Chung
2015 IE-B15015 A genetic algorithm for single machine total weighted tardiness scheduling problem IEIU09003 Luong Tran Tai Dr. Nguyen Van Chung
2015 IE-B15016 Supply chain design for the agriculture products in Vietnam – A case study of Lo Ren milk-apple in Tien Giang province IEIEIU11011 Bui Duy Tan Dr. Ho Thanh Phong
2015 IE-B15017 Applying material requirement planning system for Saigon Garmex company IEIEIU10028 Ho Le Thanh Tung Dr. Nguyen Van Chung
2015 IE-B15018 Human factors in manufacturing – A case study at Scancom Vietnam IEIEIU11001 Trinh Anh Thu Dr. Nguyen Van Chung
2015 IE-B15019 Scheduling for job-shop – A case study in wood manufacturing plant of Scancom Vietnam IEIEIU11025 Le Pham Thi Thuy Trang M. Eng. Duong Vo Nhi Anh
2015 IE-B15020 Scheduling tour reservation for travel agency IEIEIU11027 Dao Thi Bich Van Dr. Ho Thanh Phong
2015 IE-B15021 A fuzzy goal programming for aggregate production planning – A case study: Á Đông Paint company IEIEIU11016 Do Thuy Yen Vy Dr. Ha Thi Xuan Chi
2015 IE-B15022 Material requirement planning: Case study in Ltd. Toàn Bích IEIEIU11006 Nguyen Ngoc Tran Vy Dr. Nguyen Van Chung
2015 IE-B15023 Applying data mining for manufacturing cycle time prediction – A case study in Scancom Vietnam Ltd. company IEIEIU11029 Nguyen Trang Xuan Yen M. Eng. Duong Vo Nhi Anh