List Thesis 2016

This is a list of graduate theses course 2016

Year Thesis ID Thesis title Student ID Student name Advisor
1 2016 MIE-B17001 Optimizing man-machine ratio using simulation MIEIU15002 Nguyễn Thùy Dương Assoc. Prof. Ho Thanh Phong
2 2016 MIE-B17002 Multi-echelon and multi-objectives supply planning design – A case study in footwear outsourcing planning MIEIU15006 Võ Thành Thu Assoc. Prof. Ho Thanh Phong
3 2016 MIE-B17003 Optimization of operation and changeover time for production planning and scheduling in HDMT testers MIEIU15003 Hồ Nguyễn Huy Hoàng Assoc. Prof. Ho Thanh Phong
4 2016 MIE-B17004 Multi-objective optimization for bus planning and scheduling problems in HCM city, Vietnam MIEIU15005 Nguyễn Thanh Phong Assoc. Prof. Ho Thanh Phong
5 2016 MIE-B17006 Application of multi-objective planning and scheduling into the garment company – A case study of Ningbo penato trading office and An Do International manufacturing MIEIU15004 Nguyễn Hoàng Phương Linh Assoc. Prof. Ho Thanh Phong
6 2016 MIE-B17007 Supply Chain Cost optimization model – A case study in manufacturing company MIEIU15001 Trần Thị Hồng Diễm Dr. Phan Nguyen Ky Phuc
7 2016 MIE-B17008  Workforce scheduling to accommodate the variation of production loading of Intel Product Vietnam MIEIU15007 Trần Phạm Phương Trang Dr. Phan Nguyen Ky Phuc