BS MS Programs

Program Overview:

Bachelor’s-Master’s combined degrees (BS-MS program) have been implemented since the second semester of the academic year 2020-2021, allowing good- and very-good-ranked undergraduate students to shorten their learning duration (about 1 year) compared with the total duration of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

Students can register for this program and gain cumulative courses in the Master’s program in their third year (up to 50% of Master’s courses, equivalent to about 22 credits). These cumulative courses will be accredited for the relevant undergraduate courses (up to 15 credits).

Entry requirements – Training Program – Fee and Scholarship

Entry requirements:

– Third-year students above.

– Accumulative credits: > 65

– Accumulative GPA: > 70

Schedule and Place for the Master’s Program:

Based on the schedule for Master programs (most courses are held in 234 Pasteur, HCMC campus).


Students must conduct and defend both undergraduate and Master’s theses according to the regulations. However, the outlines for the undergraduate thesis can be developed for the Master’s thesis based on the School/Department’s requirements.

Tuition fees:

Students will pay for the courses depending on the Bachelor’s or Master’s program:

– Master of Business Administration: 129 USD/credit
– Other Master programs: 120 USD/credit
– Tuition fees for undergraduate courses remain unchanged.


Currently, there is no scholarship for the combined degrees, so students can be evaluated for scholarships for the Master’s program after graduation. For further information, click here.

Registration process

Step 1: Submit the application form from 15/11 – 4/12/2020 to the Office of Graduate Affairs – Room O2.609.

Step 2: Follow the result from 02/12 – 07/12/2020 on the website and via registered email.

Step 3: Print the confirmation form (after being notified of eligibility) and submit the form to the Office of Graduate Affairs – Room O2.609 from 08/12 – 15/12/2020.

Step 4: After the submission of the confirmation form for joining the BS-MS program, the student will receive the account from 16/12 – 20/12/2020 for course registration for the Master’s program. Duration, of course, registration of the Master program (approximation):  28/12/2020 – 03/01/2021.

Contact information: 

Ms. Ha Thi Xuan Chi – Email:

Telephone: 028 3724 4207 – Internal: 3327

Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum for BS-MS Program: Click here for the download

Handbook and Brochure