Undergraduate and Graduate Research

During coursework, students are asked to get involved in several semester projects to have deeper comprehension of the skills and current research trends on the topic. From there, the curiosity and joy of deep-diving into new knowledge may guide students to the world of academic research, intelligence ownership, and entrepreneurship.

To find out more about procedures and available guidelines for student research, you can check out IU Office of Research and Development webpage:

Faculty research

There are 2 major research teams within the School of Industrial Engineering and Management:

Group name Research Direction Leader Members
Automation and Optimization in Production Research Group 1. Provide solutions for optimization and automation in production and service

2. Construct algorithms and software for different sectors in production and services. 

3. Provide solutions for SOP, lean manufacturing, and just-in-time manufacturing

Assoc. Professor

Dr. Nguyễn Văn Hợp

Dr. Đào Vũ Trường Sơn.

Dr. Hà Thị Xuân Chi.

Dr. Phạm Huỳnh Trâm

Dr. Trần Đức Vĩ

MEng. Nguyễn Trường Nguyên

MSc. Nguyễn Phát Nhựt

MSc. Trần Văn Lý

Logistics and Supply chain Optimization Research Group 1. Enhance the capacity of the workforce in logistics and supply chain

2. Design and provide solutions for consumer goods supply chain, agricultural supply chain, transport and warehouse management, port management, etc.

Assoc. Professor

Dr. Hồ Thị Thu Hòa

Dr. Phan Nguyễn Kỳ Phúc

MSc. Ngô Thị Thảo Uyên

MSc. Nguyễn Hoàng Huy

MSc.Dương Võ Nhị Anh

To find out more about procedures, available grants, and guidelines for faculty research, you can check out the IU Office of Research and Development webpage:


All publications are easily accessible through the IU Office of Research and Development webpage: Some statistics:

Year International journal papers Domestic journal papers Conference papers Book chapters Projects Total
2018 2 1 20 0 0 23
2019 7 0 39 0 0 46
2020 5 0 21 0 1 11
2021 15 2 31 5 1 54
2022 11 0 23 0 0 34
  1. Publications 2019

  2. Publications 2020