FMS And Automation Lab

Research Area:

Study the procedure of Flexible Manufacturing System

Main Functions:

FMS And Automation Lab is an expanded flexible manufacturing cell setup that includes a mobility system (Linear Slide Base) and two machines (CNC Mill and CNC Lathe). Configuration supports advanced curriculum as well as work projects that can be completed using the configuration.

Opened: 2015

Technician: Nguyen Phat Nhut

List Machines and Devices:

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1 Conveyor and pallets

The conveyor frame is constructed of extruded, black, anodized aluminum.

A double flexible chain moves in the inner and outer rail and moves the pallets by friction. The pallets are not removed from the conveyor to increase the efficiency of part conveyance.

2 Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS)

The ASRS storage station includes a floor-mounted storage unit with 72 storage cells arranged in two facing stacks to containing materials/products, Cartesian robot to transferring parts between storage cells and conveyor pallets at the ASRS station

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3 Scorbot ER-9 PRO

The scorbot which is using in the CIM system is the Scorbot ER 9 Pro. It moves in polar coordinate with 1.9 m/sec speed corresponding 6 degrees of freedom.

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4 CNC BenchMill 6000

The BenchMill 6000 is a PC-based benchtop CNC machining center enabling robust CNC and advanced manufacturing instruction

CNC Milling Technology introduces to the fundamentals of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling by working with a variety of machining applications with the BenchMill 6×00.

The machining center features an intuitive software interface and conforms to industrial EIA, ISO, Fanuc, and G&M code standards.

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5 CNC BenchTurn 7000

The BenchTurn 7000 is a benchtop CNC turning machine for learning environments. The 7000 comes equipped with 2-axis stepper motors, ball screws, a variable speed brushless spindle motor, limit/home switches, and an MT3 taper spindle with MT2 taper tailstock

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6 ScorBot ER-4u

The ScorBot ER-4U is a versatile and reliable system for industrial robotics training and education. The ScorBot ER-4U robot arm can be mounted on a tabletop, pedestal, or linear slide base.

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7 ScorBot Yaskawa

The MOTOMAN MH5 is a compact, high-speed 6-axis robot that offers superior performance in a variety of applications such as packaging, material handling, machine tending, and dispensing, where versatility is required.

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11 Automatic control kits

Automatic control kits with Arduino and sensors. Second-year students were presenting a built model of the self-replenishment system