On March 12-13, 2022, International University – Vietnam National University (IU-VNU) held a Graduation and Post-Graduation Ceremony for 812 Fresh Ph.D., Master, Bachelors, and Baccalaureus from 11 Schools and Departments. Due to Covid19’s impact, it was until 2022 that the 15th graduation ceremony took place.

Founded in December 2003, IU is a public university using English as a major language in education and research. Until March 2022, after 15 university graduation ceremonies and 11 post-graduation ceremonies, IU had educated 7108 bachelors and baccalaureus, 900 masters, and Ph.Ds in total. It is especially the first year that IU had a fresh bachelor graduating in English Literature specialization and Environmental Engineering specialization.

Associate Prof. Dr. Tran Tien Khoa – Principal of IU – congratulated fresh Ph.Ds, Masters, Bachelors, and Baccalaureus on graduating from IU in 2021

Among 712 fresh bachelors and baccalaureus in 2021, 137 fresh bachelors graduated in 4+0 twinning program with the University of West of England. In 2021, IU decided to award 5 gold medals to excellent graduates with impressive achievements. This year, International University has 186 excellent graduates. The university also decided to award the title of valedictorian to the fresh bachelor of Economics Ton Nu Hoang Uyen with a score of 91.9/100, and the fresh baccalaureus Vo Dinh Doan (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) to be the best valedictorian in Engineering major with 92.0/100 points. In addition, the school awarded 16 silver medals to 21 fresh bachelors and baccalaureus of 11 schools and departments with graduation scores from 80 to 89. The school also gave awards to 88 excellent female baccalaureus to honor female students majoring in Engineering. Especially, this year, Le Pham Nguyet Thuong, a fresh baccalaureus from the School of Biotechnology, has excellently graduated in 2 different disciplines simultaneously including Biotechnology – Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Associate Prof. Dr. Dinh Duc Anh Vu – Associate Principal of IU – awarded a diploma and gold medal to Valedictorian in 2021 New Baccalaureus Vo Dinh Doan

Out of 100 post-graduates and Ph.D. students graduating in 2021, the school has typical students in scientific research, with high-quality scientific publications such as Le Thi Ha Thanh with 03 articles that meet SCIE standard (Scopus Q2), of which 02 articles Le Thi Ha Thanh is the main author, 02 articles which meet Scopus Q3 standard, of which 1 article is the Le Thi Ha Thanh main author. This year the university continues to have 03 more Ph.D. students graduating with a total of 16 scientific articles, including 07 ISI, Scopus (06 Q1) papers. In 2021, IU honors Ngo Nguyen Tien Dat with 92.6/100 points (valedictorian in Engineering) and Le Ho Ngoc Dung with 84.6/100 points (valedictorian in Economics).

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh – Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saigon Books, Zenbooks, Chibooks, Soundio, Vietgrow, Vinarobots, VCI – spent time sharing with the Fresh Graduates of IU this year on the morning of March 13th, 2022.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Vui – CEO of Thai Binh Investment Joint Stock Company – Thai Binh Shoes – business representative attended and shared with Graduates in 2021 of International University on the morning of March 12, 2022.

Since 2012, most of the university’s students get employed right after they have graduated. On average, each year, depending on the major, after graduating, about 95% of IU’s students have jobs suitable to their training occupations within one year. Among students who have jobs, on average, 28% of graduates are working at foreign companies and corporations, 35% of graduates work at corporations and companies which have various foreign elements or are associated with foreign nations. Also according to the assessment of employee-user units, 94% of enterprises are satisfied with the training quality from the school. In addition, many bachelors and baccalaureus or Ph.D. students from foreign universities, achieving many scientific research achievements after graduation have received post-graduate scholarships. Among them, many former students have become young lecturers of the school.

Fresh Baccalaureus Vo Dinh Doan – Valedictorian in 2021 – shared his feelings in the warm atmosphere on the morning ceremony of March 12, 2022
Fresh Master Tran Doan Phuong – MBA Gold Medal in 2021 – shared his feelings in the graduation ceremony on the morning of March 13, 2022

With the goal of leading training in economics, management, engineering and science-technology, IU not only invests in undergraduate training but also focuses on postgraduate training and research. Currently, the school has 04 doctoral training majors with a duration of 03 years (Biotechnology, Business Administration, Biomedical Engineering, and Public Management) and 08 Master training majors with a duration of 1.5 to 2 years (Business Administration, Biotechnology, Information Technology Management, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Public Management and Food Technology). Among them, there are 03 master-level majors that have met the assessment standards of the Southeast Asian University Network (ASEAN University Network – AUN-QA): Biotechnology, Industrial Systems Engineering, and Business Administration. In addition, the Post-graduation Public Management meets the MOET accreditation standards of the Ministry of Education and Training. In 2022, the school has also opened a new school and is ready for recruitment for 02 more master’s programs: Information Technology, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Van Canh – Associate Principal of IU – awarded a diploma to Resh Graduates of the 2017-2021 class

Currently, IU’s postgraduation training program has nearly 600 students, including more than 500 students in the Master’s program and 70 students in the Ph.D. program. After 11 graduations, the number of graduates each year has increased. In 2021, IU has 100 graduates, including 71 graduates of the Public Management program.