List of Graduated Students

List of Graduated Students_Year 2019 – 2020 List of Graduated Students_Year 2021-2022 List of Graduated Students – Year 2022-2023         Attachments [IEM] DSTN 1105 (881 kB)

List of Enrolled Students

List of Enrolled Students K20 List of Enrolled Students K21 List of Enrolled Students K22         Attachments DANH SÁCH SINH VIÊN NHẬP HỌC K22 (244 kB)DANH SÁCH NHẬP HỌC K20 (72 kB)

Tuyển sinh BS-MS

Chương trình đào tạo liên thông Đại học – Thạc sĩ (BS-MS) được triển khai từ học kỳ 2 năm học 2020 – 2021 cho phép sinh viên đại học có học lực khá giỏi rút ngắn thời gian học tập (khoảng 1 năm) so với tổng thời gian đào tạo trình độ đại học và trình …

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Simulation Lab

Research area: Simulation and optimization for operations in production and service. Design of database system. Supporting multi-criteria decision making Opened: 8/2/2012 Laboratory Regulations: No Equipment/ Professional Software Picture Courses/Documents/Videos 1 Arena Enterprise Suite Simul8 Simulation Software Simulation and modeling for stochastic process in production and service 2 Tecnomatix FactoryFLOW Design of facility layout and material …

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Work & Product Design Lab

Research area: Study of designing equipment, postures in operation, and sports activities that optimize human well-being and overall system performance. Opened: 2018 Technicians: Nguyen Truong Nguyen Laboratory Regulations: List Machines and Devices: No Equipment/ Professional software Picture Courses/Documents/Videos 1 Ergointelligence MMH and UAE Work design and ergonomics. Analyze energy spent, injury risk during operation manual-r19 …

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FMS And Automation Lab

Research Area: Study the procedure of the Flexible Manufacturing System Main Functions: FMS And Automation Lab is an expanded flexible manufacturing cell setup that includes a mobility system (Linear Slide Base) and two machines (CNC Mill and CNC Lathe). The configuration supports advanced curriculum as well as work projects that can be completed using the …

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